Press release

APPBUSA has now received the list of contract clauses held back from arbitration by the administration. There are 44 clauses, relating to 11 different articles, addressing not only management rights (as the administration claimed in its March 31 press release) but in fact covering a wide range of critical issues: hiring and re-hiring, work overload, tasks and responsibilities, course release, job security, and procedural transparency. This substantial list clearly reveals the administration’s refusal to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement.

APPBUSA regrets that the administration is trying to impose its management rights to the detriment of the legal rights of its members to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement. The withdrawal of these clauses from consideration by the arbitrator negates the spirit and nature of arbitration, which consists in submitting all the clauses for which there was no agreement before the arbitrator so that an impartial and legal decision can be rendered.